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About Us

The word "Biopharmaceutical" is an amalgamation of Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals. It reflects the convergence of what were once two distinct industries. Biopharmaceuticals are medicines typically derived from living systems and produced using Biotechnology- e.g. production of recombinant therapeutic proteins, vaccines, blood using microbial cells or somatic cells. The discipline also encompasses gene therapy. Genetically engineered biopharmaceuticals have impacted healthcare by providing medicines which are irreplaceable and are life-saving. The repertoire of these molecules is constantly expanding and success of established biopharmaceuticals is attracting biosimilar-production industry for providing these molecules at substantially lower cost to vast number of patients. However, these genetically engineered biopharmaceutical molecules are also extremely complex structures. Healthcare regulatory agencies demand detailed analysis of these molecules at all levels of development, commercial production and during stability and safety evaluations. Over the past decade, the BioPharma industry has developed many such Biologics, as they are also called. And follow-on versions of some of the earliest biologics made via recombinant DNA technology, including biosynthetic human insulin and human growth hormone, are now available. These are known as Biosimilars.

Why Us

Technology and infrastructure:

Fully equipped lab with high end sophisticated instruments. Working on developing in house cost effective experiments to enable students, colleges and universities to replicate throughout with reproducible results.

Best faculty and staff:

The trainers have undergone extensive grooming enabling them to develop communication skills. They provided on-on-on interaction to students and are always up-to-date with latest information.

Practical Training

We at NFB focus on complete "Hands On Training". The modules involve 80% practical and 20% theory. We also focus on developing research aptitude and enhance the soft skills of the students.


NFB is blessed with a team of renowned scientist and faculty members across industry and academics who are prompt and enthusiastic for training students and helping them build lucrative careers in the field.

Our Courses


  • Shradha Lad

    Doing my master's thesis @ NFB has been an awesome experience. Projects combined with state of the art technology & expert guidance from industry professionals has not only helped me secure good marks, but also inspired me to take up research as a career choice!

  • Sveta Padmanabhan

    The training offered by NFB is intense and has made my research aptitude sharper. The �hands on� training offered by NFB is extremely helpful in understanding concepts that are explained at a theoretical level in BSc.

  • Niddhi Shah

    I joined NFB for a project as it was highly recommended to me by friends and I was glad I made that decision. I have confidence in molecular biology techniques now, which puts me ahead of the rest. NFB is a great place to invest in.

  • Sonal Dandekar

    I had joined NFB during 1st year of my Bachelors. It has really helped me to get practical knowledge of the experiments. I could correlate the theory and practical in a better way and think a broader sense. Thanks to the entire NFB team.

  • Aishwarya Jain

    NFB is a great place to learn and grow. It helped me bridge the gap between research and industrial knowledge. The student-friendly atmosphere and GLP followed by NFB makes it more than ideal for research.